Steel Roof Installation & Repair

steel roof repair

Durability & Performance

Metal roofing has been around for a long time in this country. People have been using tin, steel, and other types of roofs for decades. Now, though, metal roofs are built better and last longer than in years past. At Omega Roofer, we provide a range of high-quality steel roofing solutions for homes and commercial properties in the Tampa, FL area. We’ll deliver an amazing custom steel roof at a great price for your home or business. They’re strong roofs that are built to last, and we can match your style preferences so you love looking at your roof every day. With years of experience with all types of roofing, Omega Roofer is here to handle steel roof repair in Tampa, FL, as well as installation, and maintenance in the long term. Call us today at (813) 629-3868 to learn more about whether steel roofing is for you and schedule an appointment with one of our expert roofers!

The Benefits of Steel Roofing & Steel Roof Repair

Durability is the main benefit of steel roofing and other metal roofs. They last for up to 50 years and require relatively little maintenance. Most metal roofs have fewer seams than other roofs, so there aren’t as many places for water to get in and leak into your home. Here are some of the other benefits of steel roofing.

  • Strength – Metal is a strong material, and high-quality steel will stand up very well to heavy rains, strong winds, or anything that collides with your roof. It doesn’t dent easily, and you don’t have to worry about things like missing shingles.
  • Customization Options – You can turn your metal roof into the roof of your dreams. We can make steel roofing into a variety of colors and shapes to match your home or building’s aesthetic.
  • Fire Resistance – Of course, steel is very resistant to fires. In places around the country that deal with fire risks, it’s a fantastic option.
  • Energy Efficiency – Metal roofing will usually end up saving you money long-term. It does a great job of reflecting the sun’s UV rays, so your home or commercial property doesn’t get as hot. You’ll spend less money on air conditioning with steel roofing.

Our Steel Roofing Installation Services

Another great thing about steel roofing is that installation is fast and easy. The roofs go on quickly so you can enjoy the finished product sooner. The team at Omega Roofer has years of experience installing metal roofs, and we’ll get to you quickly with the latest in steel roofing technology.

We are the leading local roofing provider in Tampa, FL, ready to deliver a premium finished product at a great price. We work with galvanized and galvalume steel and whatever else you need! Whether you need a new steel roof installed or you want us to come to repair your metal roof, we’ll get someone out you fast who will do the job right.

Get on the Schedule Today

All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We won’t call it done until you’re happy with the results. Property owners in the area know that they can count on us for the best in roofing and that we have the best customer service in the business. Call us now at (813) 629-3868 to make an appointment for steel roof repair in Tampa, FL and to ask questions about any of our roofing solutions! Our team is on hand to help you make the best decision for your home!